Photography Tours

The Yellowstone Daily now offers one day photography tours in the park for one to two people. Each tour will be geared towards the specific needs and dreams of the individuals – whether you prefer to photograph wildlife, landscapes, thermal features or a little bit of everything. We will first focus on the ethics of photography in the park, prior to your visit, and then discuss tips for finding wildlife on your own. Here at the Yellowstone Daily we believe that the most fun that you can have during your photography endeavors is finding your own wildlife to photograph. Instead of following the crowds we follow nature. Though, definitely, if we happen to be passing a crowd that is photographing some cute little black bear cubs, we will stop and partake if that is your desire. We aim to give you a park experience that you will never forget.

Please contact me at for available dates before booking. The one day tours are private photo instruction and wildlife viewing tours. Group tours will be offered as well – if you are interested, send me a note.

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