Photography Workshops in Yellowstone National Park

The Falls at Artist Point

Each year, millions of people visit Yellowstone National Park.  Many are returning because they can not get enough of the spectacular beauty and intrigue that unfolds before them during each visit.  Always, there is something new to discover in the park’s 2,221,766 acres of ever changing landscape.  Most visitors are coming to the park for their first visit, filled with anticipation about what they will find as they navigate the roads with watchful eyes.  Social media is filled with images of Yellowstone and its wildlife and the majority of visitors are hoping to take home their own beautiful memories in digital format.

The Yellowstone Daily offers private photography workshops by published photographer and writer, Deby Dixon, who is also a well-informed wildlife advocate.  Deby has spent nearly every day of the past 4+ years wandering around Yellowstone, either by car or foot, looking for those breathtaking photo opportunities and watching the wildlife and her vast experience will give you the opportunity to see and photograph Yellowstone as if you’ve been visiting for years.  Not only will you learn how to take better photos, but you will also learn about the wildlife and hear stories about individual animals – from the wolves to the pika – Deby pays attention to all of the critters.  And, she will talk about how to get those great images without disturbing the wildlife or interfering with the enjoyment of other visitors.  Over the years, Deby has learned how to interact with Yellowstone and knows the places that have the best opportunities for viewing wildlife, scenery and getting memorable images.

A photography workshop is so much more than a wildlife/guided sight seeing tour – you will get photography instructions from an experienced, professional photographer, while also getting in depth information about wildlife and the park.  Each private tour is designed to meet the needs and skill level of the individual clients, while having the comfort and feel of friends out on an adventure.  A good, working knowledge of the camera is essential for making the most out of your day, but Deby will assist you with advice on the settings needed in each situation.  We will work on light and composition, while trying to capture that one special moment.  While she can not guarantee that you will see particular animals on any given day, she will know if and where the possibilities exist and will do her best to make your dreams come true.

Deby offers, 1/2 day, full day and multiple day photography tour for 1 to 3 people traveling together.  Group tours of 3 to 5 individuals are available on request.  These tours are eco-friendly and no scents (perfumes) or smoking will be allowed during the tour.  We will follow the park rules and stay safe while viewing wildlife.  And, we will do our best to have minimal impact on the park’s resources by staying on trails when off road.  Workshops can include hiking on a trail for up to 1/2 mile from the road, but hikes are not required.

For more information and date availability, please email and she will get back with you just as soon as she returns from her day in the park.

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Images taken in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks show the variety that one can find if they know where to look.






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