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Writing about and photographing wildlife is my passion but I did not know that until later on in my life.  Once the bug caught, I could not let it go.  While I have been published numerous times throughout the years, in newspapers, magazines, tourism websites and even a photo on…

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Wolf Documentaries in France and Germany

During most of 2017 and until April 15 of 2018, I had the privilege of providing stock footage for two wolf documentaries that will be airing on ARTE – France/German public television.  That meant that I had to film the wolves every chance I got!  Here is the story of…

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One Day in Yellowstone – Black Bears, Foxes and Wolves

Rosie’s three cubs as yearlings This morning was a mad rush out to Lamar to find out what 926 was doing.  She was hunting for food.  I watched her try to stalk two elk, without luck.  It was obvious that it is about time for her to have pups so…

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Stories of the Wild

Change in the Tetons

We recently went to the Tetons for 10 days. The main reason we were there was to attend the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. But we still found plenty of…
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Rare Bird in Yellowstone!

Recently, I had the privilege of seeing and photographing this Burrowing Owl, which is considered a rare bird sighting in Yellowstone. Over the years I have seen wonderful photos of…
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Peter’s Report from Hayden

Peter Gentes Sep 22nd, 8:05pm Yellowstone Day 20 - PM Wrap-up (Sept 22, 2015) At saddle north of grizzly overlook/point in Hayden valley to spot the wapiti lake pack. This…
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9/19/2015 Wolf Update Hayden and Northern Range

I went to Madison first thing this morning and was going to go visit Pete in Hayden until Josh called to say that there were mystery wolves in Little America.…
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Big is Good But Sometimes the Sneakiest, Smallest Bull Wins Too

Yesterday Deby, Verne and I played kind of a hopscotch up and down the Madison River. The following is a little difficult to keep up with but if you pay…
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The Intruder

It was a rainy, cold day in Yellowstone and after trying to get down south where I thought it might be a little drier, I went towards home. Was heading…
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Hayden Valley for today

  Heard from my dedicated friend Peter Gentes who was down in Hayden today, looking for the Wapiti pack and grizzly bears.  In the rain, no less!  If you go…
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Wildlife in the Back Country

During this hike out Slough Creek I had thoughts, ideas and dreams of a second head dunking on the way back to the car.  There had been no bison, anywhere,…
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In the Back Country of Yellowstone with a Camera

  I learned long ago that taking off hiking in hopes of having memorable photo encounters with wildlife is folly.  And, so, for a time, I quit hiking with a…
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