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Writing about and photographing wildlife is my passion but I did not know that until later on in my life.  Once the bug caught, I could not let it go.  While I have been published numerous times throughout the years, in newspapers, magazines, tourism websites and even a photo on…

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Wolf Documentaries in France and Germany

During most of 2017 and until April 15 of 2018, I had the privilege of providing stock footage for two wolf documentaries that will be airing on ARTE – France/German public television.  That meant that I had to film the wolves every chance I got!  Here is the story of…

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One Day in Yellowstone – Black Bears, Foxes and Wolves

This morning was a mad rush out to Lamar to find out what 926 was doing.  She was hunting for food.  I watched her try to stalk two elk, without luck.  It was obvious that it is about time for her to have pups so time is running out.  But,…

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Stories of the Wild

A Good Day for Watching Wildlife

Not everyday in Yellowstone is meant for photography, because there is so much more about the park than clicking a shutter. One of the most important decisions I made last…
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Raspberry and Snow!

Another long spring day in Yellowstone, with mostly blue skies, warmer temperatures and an endless breeze.  On my way home tonight there was only one word that kept repeating itself…
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The Variety of Yellowstone – Bears to Birds and much in Between

The past couple of days in Yellowstone have been a whirlwind of activity and bountiful demonstration of the diversity of this amazing eco-system.  So much to tell, I hardly know…
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Little Marmots and lots of Grizzlies

Some more baby cuteness brought to you from Yellowstone! Hope you are smiling on this Sunday as we near the end of our Memorial Day weekend. Betting that there were…
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Bear Encounter in the Back Country

Once again the morning began with Rosie.  She was hanging out beside the road, while her cubs were up a tree on the other side, and I lucked into a…
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Itty Bitty Black Bears

Headed into the park early this morning in the red glow of sunrise, just for a day in the park.  My only certain plan was a hike and the rest…
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Under the Rainbow

It was a short day in the park for me, due to errands and work, but I did manage to get out late this afternoon, into heavy rain, hail, snow,…
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Saying Goodbye to Twin and Mottled – Heartaches for the Lamar Canyons

Saying goodbye to two more members of the Lamar Canyon pack, Twin, the alpha male, and Mottled, the beta male, is long overdue. Truth be told, every time someone asks…
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The long view in Yellowstone

Yesterday morning, with a tad bit of a late start, I had the pleasure of enjoying gorgeous light and activity around Blacktail Lakes.  A wolf, black, scarred and battered, was…
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Moose Monday

Today, snowy, cold and windy and a landscape of partial white, began as most do for me in Yellowstone, with the wolves. The three Mollies, and a fourth that possibly…
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A baby popped out – geese, bears, bison and frogs

Before heading to Lamar Valley this morning, I stopped at Calcite and spent about two minutes with a nice looking black bear boar.  He seemed to be on a mission,…
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The Cinnamon Cubs

The black bear that I like to call "Picnic," because she is often at the Yellowstone Picnic area, came out last year with two cute little cinnamon colored cubs and…
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Quad Mom!

Gosh, it has been such a long day, I can scarcely remember how it began.  Seeing friends, lost of them. Out in Lamar Valley, we looked for the Lamar Canyons…
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The site was down

The Yellowstone Daily was down for maintenance on the server and so I was unable to post.  My apologies for the inconvenience. The black bears weren't very visible near Calcite…
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Two cubs survived

After fearing that a grizzly boar killed all three cubs belonging to sow number 815, hanging out near Roaring Mountain, it was such a relief to see today that two…
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