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Publications in the Washington Post

Writing about and photographing wildlife is my passion but I did not know that until later on in my life.  Once the bug caught, I could not let it go.  While I have been published numerous times throughout the years, in newspapers, magazines, tourism websites and even a photo on…

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Wolf Documentaries in France and Germany

During most of 2017 and until April 15 of 2018, I had the privilege of providing stock footage for two wolf documentaries that will be airing on ARTE – France/German public television.  That meant that I had to film the wolves every chance I got!  Here is the story of…

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One Day in Yellowstone – Black Bears, Foxes and Wolves

This morning was a mad rush out to Lamar to find out what 926 was doing.  She was hunting for food.  I watched her try to stalk two elk, without luck.  It was obvious that it is about time for her to have pups so time is running out.  But,…

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Stories of the Wild

The Fox Den

Traveling the backroads of the Yellowstone Eco-system, looking for treasures to share with you means that internet connection is sketchy and mostly non-existent.  I can see that in future years…
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Back and Forth – between Yellowstone and Teton

My camping season got off to a rough start this year, with clogged pipes at home forcing me to a campground before things were ready, and then a landlord arriving…
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My Time with 399 and Snowy

Last Monday morning I awoke in my tent, shivering just a bit from the chill in the air, before sunrise.  The light of the full moon lit up Signal Mountain…
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The Death of Snowy

Due to slow internet, I can not get photos uploaded. As most of you know, 399's beautiful cub of the year, Snowy, was hit and killed by a car Sunday…
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The Fox

Foxes are one of the most difficult animals for me to find in Yellowstone.  So, when this female fox, called a vixen, literally crossed the road in front of me…
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399 and Snowy

Originally, I meant to spend a night in the Tetons and then continue south to the Great Sand Basin National park, but I caught 399 fever and really wanted to…
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The Tetons

Sitting in Grand Teton National Park this morning, watching 399 and Snowy, way out in the sage.  Every once in awhile that cute white face stands up to look over…
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Wild World

At the moment I am sitting in the laundry mat at Colter Bay in Grand Teton National Park.  Had a nice hot shower, for $4.25, and washed some clothes for…
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Quad Mom’s Wound is Healing

The sky was clear blue this morning, meaning bad light for photography, so I decided to stay in and get some more work done.  And then I got a message…
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Coyote Den Moved –

One of the cool things about wolf packs having yearlings at denning time is that they wander around and every once in awhile we might get to see one closer…
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Coyote Pups

After a stormy night we woke up to clear blue skies and temperatures that eventually sky rocketed into the 80's.  Thank goodness for the afternoon clouds that provide occasional relief,…
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A Day in the park

Today began fairly bright and sunny, with some clouds.  But the big, fluffy storm clouds began to gather and the day cooled off, which was refreshing.  The afternoon brought rain…
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The Baby Bison that took a ride in a Car – story in the Washington Post

This story appeared in The Washington Post today and was, at one point, the most read story.  It also appeared in the Idaho Register and was listed as the most…
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Maximum Cuteness

Woke up to pure blue skies again this morning - not all that promising for photos.  But, sure wish I was out there right now as the sunset, with clouds…
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In Search of the Unusual

A couple of days ago I found myself standing along the Yellowstone River with about 150 other people, photographing a grizzly across the river with his elk calf meal.  Don't…
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